H&H Modeling Assistance

We are always happy to assist you with modeling.  We brought you constant flow, and we have the experience and expertise to solve your toughest design problems. 

Proven expertise:

  • Hydromodification
  • Single event analysis
  • Multiple event analysis
  • Continuous simulation analysis
  • Flow splitting
  • Dynamic tailwater impacts
  • Regulatory requirements across the country and the world.

Unrivaled experience:

  • HydroCAD
  • Hydraflow Hydrographs
  • SWMM
  • WWHM
  • SDHM
  • MGSFlood​

  • StormShed
  • ICPR
  • Cascade
  • PondPack

Custom Installation Drawings

We provide custom installation drawings for all of our products in .dwg and .pdf formats.