Flap Spring Loaded Weir

The Hydrovex Flap Spring Loaded Weir is an optimized discharge weir that is more efficient than a traditional, fixed weir.  As water pressure builds on the weir, the crest of the weir bends downward, increasing the effective head on the weir.  Once the upstream stage decreases, the weir returns to its initial position.  This allows greater flows for the same length of weir, without lowering the weir's discharge elevation.  

The Flap Spring Loaded Weir operates with no external power source, and includes stops that prevent the weir from bending beyond the limits of the material, giving a long service life and low wear.

The Hydrovex Flap Spring Loaded Weir is available in three models, depending on the variation in water depth that it will be subject to. It can be manufactured in a specific length to match the requried flow rate of your project.
Hydrovex Flap Spring Loaded Weir Installation
The HYDROVEX® BW Bending Weir and the HYDROVEX® Flap Spring Loaded Weir can be easily modeled using the HydroCAD Stormwater Modeling System. 

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